The Best Dog Transportation Solution in the World!

The Project “DoggoSpa”

When it comes to safety and comfort of our families (and that includes our dogs), we should not make any compromises. That’s why we initiated the project “DoggoSpa”. DoggoSpa is an innovative dog transporation solution (a dog crate) for cars that provides highest safety and comfort for everyone – humans as well as dogs – and fits for almost all dog-car-combinations.

Doggohana on car backseat

Animal-Centric Design

DoggoSpa is the first dog crate that was developed with Animal-Centric Design. That means, that we designed it from the perspective of the dog – for the most pawsome transport ever!

Learn more about Animal-Centric Design in Anja’s TEDx Talk.

Fit for All Dog-Car-Combinations

Loved Dog

As we use the space as effective as possible, DoggoSpa fits for all rational (!) dog-car-combination (even for three-door cars). It is desiged to be used on the back seat, but can also be used in the trunk.

High Comfort for You and Your Dog

Dog Home - Sleepy Dog

Installing DoggoSpa in the car is as easy as possible – in just a few steps the dog travel spa is ready. And when not needed it is as easy to remove it. Designed by dogs for dogs with Animal-Centric Design!

Highest Safety for Everyone

Happy Dog Owner with Dog

In case of an accident, all car passengers and dogs are safe, proven by crash-tests. Due to three regular exits and two additional emergency exits you will always be able to get access to your dog.

Awesome Design & Customizable

Dog Home - Heart

You probably have a nice car – would be a pity to ruin it with an ugly dog crate! Therefore, DoggoSpa can be designed to perfectly fit to your car or your personal taste and is available in various sizes.

The Team

Our team to create the most pawsome experience:









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Chief Barketing Officer