All Natural Snuffle Mat with Eau de Rotting Stuff

I got this idea by a great dog owner on Instagram.Natural Snuffle Mat

You need:⁣
– A big bag or box⁣
– Leaves from the forest⁣
– A place you don’t mind to be covered with leaves (e.g. backyard)⁣

Grab your big bag or box, go to a nearby forest, fill it with as many smelly leaves as you can. Carry it home, throw the leaves at the place you don’t mind to be dirty, throw in some kibble, send your dog – DONE!⁣

Your dog will love it! The smell of leaves – Eau de Rotting Stuff – is fascinating and requires intense investigation with the nose, which will again make your dog happily tired. Besides all those exciting outdoorsy odors, he will even find some surprise food in there himself, which makes the leaf snuffle mat a self-rewarding activity that will be an all-time highlight!⁣