How to make a tasty Doggodorant

Some weeks ago I discovered a sensational idea of a befriended dog trainer for a calm yet enriching activity with your dog. ⁣I call it „Roll-on Doggodorant“. ⁣

You need:⁣

  • Empty and clean roll-on⁣
  • Tasty mash (I use baby food.)⁣
  • Water⁣

Open the roll-on and fill in some of the mash. I use baby food with chicken, as the consistency works very well and Peter loves it!⁣ Then add some water, close the roll-on and shake it!⁣
Try on the back of your hand if the infill is runny enough – and you‘re DONE!⁣

Now you can grab your dog for some cuddle time and give him the Doggodorant to lick!⁣

It is a nice Canine Enrichment, because licking the Doggodorant is a rewarding activity and calms your dog down. The body contact makes both of you release Oxytocin, which makes both of you happy. ⁣

You can also use it as reward for training: You keep your hands (kind of) clean, and especially overweighted dogs don’t eat too much calories when being rewarded with the Doggodorant.