How to make a Snuffle Basket

You need:⁣

  • Laundry basket⁣
  • Fabric⁣
  • Scissors⁣
  • Kibble⁣

Cut the fabric into long ribbons. Then thread them through the basket holes and knot them. Create several layers with different alignments. DONE!⁣
Now you can put in the kibble and send your dog sniffing!⁣

The tool is great for your dog, because sniffing makes the brain release happy hormones, lowers the heart rate and strengthens his self-confidence. And it is very exhausting!⁣
Additionally, the sniffing basket requires a lot of thinking and problem solving to get out the food, so your dog will develop new skills, which is very satisfying.⁣
And furthermore, for us it is very entertaining to watch! 🙂⁣