The Canine Enrichment all-rounder: Snuffle Balls

Peter‘s very favorite toy is his Snuffle Ball: He carries it around and throws it onto us when he wants it to be filled again. OF COURSE I know that he kind of trained us to do so, but besides that I appreciate that he can tell us when he is hungry or bored, wants to be enriched or needs something to relax.

As it is very compact, you can take a snuffle ball with you when you and your dog are on the road, and benefit from it everywhere:

  • As always 🙂 sniffing is a very important and enriching species-specific behavior, makes the dog happy and lowers the heart rate.⁣
  • Sniffing and finding food himself is self-rewarding and strengthens his self-confidence. It is a meaningful activity!⁣
  • Sniffing reduces stress and increases concentration.
  • Peter doesn’t like his kibble from his bowl. But he LOVES his kibble from the snuffle ball, so we only feed him dry food from sniffing toys.⁣
  • Also fast eaters will slow down with a snuffle ball.
  • As it can be carried, the dog can work on it at a self-chosen spot.