Canine Enrichment made easy with stuffed Kongs

Probably most of you have already heard of Kongs, and even own one, but it has to be on every list about Canine Enrichment.⁣
Kongs are made from natural rubber and can be filled with ANYTHING your dog likes and can be stuffed into the Kong – there are thousands of recipes in the Internet! What are your favorite ones? I am almost always lazy and simply use canned food 🙈.⁣

The great things about Kongs:⁣

  • First of all, they are so much fun for the dog! ⁣
  • They require persistence and patience to get out the food, and some creative problem solving abilities. Peter learned to bounce his Kong to get out stuck food.⁣
  • Chewing and licking reduces stress and anxiety, e.g. when your dog has to stay home alone.⁣
  • Successfully working on a Kong strengthens your dogs self-confidence – as most Canine Enrichments!